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"This is honestly all down to your advice and that one (long!) consultation. You reformed my way of thinking about him, and about dog ownership. You completely altered everything for us, and you have improved his life, and mine..I just wanted to say a massive thank you really- we are doing great, and he is so much a happier, content dog. Everyone comments on it, on the changes in his behaviour and what a 'good dog' he is..This time last year I was at the end of my tether and I couldn’t see a way forward which involved keeping him. Now Im confident he will be with us for the rest of his years, and certain that we will grow old (er) and grey (er!) together."

Tamsin Herbert, Poole



"You have transformed my life. I can't thank you enough. Walking with Bracken is an absolute pleasure now. You deserve a medal.

Thank you."

Angela Carman, Dorchester


"Thank you so much. I think it has reassured my wife and daughter.. and are all back in love with Ziggy! I’ve really took a lot from the Zoom call and has made me understand what is/has gone on. Thank you once again, you are a star and thank you for going the extra mile, I know it was a very long meeting! Very kind and dedicated of you.

I thought [the Zoom consultation] worked very well indeed and actually probably even better..as you were talking to us directly and could see Ziggy in his own environment behaving naturally obviously if a new person was in the house he would have been slightly distracted as would we?! Just a thought!I found the whole thing so interesting and just to add again each day seems like we’ve moved leaps and bounds.We shall always recommend you"

Michel Maurer, Bournemouth


"I have to say that we are very happy with how the boys are progressing..The difference in both dogs is amazing really..Thanks heaps for everything".

Barbara Golden, Hazelbury Bryan


"Thank you so much for today..I cannot believe it would have been so easy so quickly. Thank you so much from me and Bella. Looking forward to receiving your report..can't thank you enough."

Ada Wallwork, Tarrant Gunville


"It was excellent meeting you on 9th and I have already noticed a huge difference in Oz’s behaviour."

Camilla Shearring, Salisbury


"Hi Helen - thanks very much brilliant and really informative!"

Emma Smurthwaite, Blandford Forum


"Hi, Helen, Just wanted to thank you so much for consultation last Monday, and subsequent email and attachments. You have given us confidence and enjoyment of walks again- and of course Ivy enjoys this as much as we do - responds so happily to training. Thanks again."

Kate Galton, Poole


'Thank you so much Helen for your brilliant classes and notes, Wednesdays won’t be the same for a while...

Bertie may not have been the best behaved puppy in class but his owners do feel as though they’ve learned so many ‘life skills’ from your instructions. Many thanks to your whole ‘team’ for their patience and good natured humour in adversity!'

Suzanne and Dave Targett, Marnhull


"Thank you so much for all your help, it helps so much to understand what Bree is doing and hopefully continue to make her feel able to cope better!"
Jane Pankhurst, Dorchester 

"Everything you have told us has had a big impact upon Betsy in a very positive way."
Carrie Stork, Bridport

"I realise that quite a few months have gone by since we saw you with Mutley and I thought I'd just give you a quick up date... This week I had been walking him off lead down a quiet byway when he suddenly ran very close to me, and looking up at me as if to tell me something and when I've looked behind me there has been a mountain biker flying towards us - this has happened twice so I really feel he is trying really hard. Of course I gave him lots of yummy treats and loads of praise! .. we are really happy with his progress so far. Just a little at a time!"
Jenny Baylis, Salisbury

"We are really pleased with her progress, thanks to you! .. She hasn't snapped at one person since your visit. Regarding aggression towards other dogs, the difference is amazing."
Dorothy Davies, Poole 

"I just have to tell you about this as I honestly doubted that I would ever be able to call Dizzy off a predatory chase once she was in full flight but it happened!.. I never thought that anything would be preferable to a running target, thank you for your support and advice we would never have made it this far without it".

Nicky Courage, Poole

"I want to say thank you so much for your help with the boys, especially Odie. It's really changed our lives for the better"
Carol Milner, Weymouth 

"Just to let you know all is going well with Roxy, I have not had any problems since we met and she has been with a lot of other dogs at the park and beach."
Darren White, Yeovil

"I thought you might like to know Frodo is doing really well with the cats now… he's now happy to say hello through the stairgate and then wander off again… I'd recommend you highly - I think we'd have really benefited if we'd been able to consult you about early training when Frodo was a puppy."
Liz Bennett, Dorchester

"Thank you so much for all your efforts and very full report and I am delighted to say that we are making very good progress. Your time, help and advice have proved invaluable.. all in all, we are thrilled.. It was a fascinating afternoon and time and money very well spent thank you very much indeed."
Catriona McDonald Joyce, Sherborne

"Many thanks for yesterday's session with Oatley. It was fantastically useful and we have been practising the techniques. His recall has already improved..."
Amy McKay Lyne, Fontmell Magna

"Many thanks for sending everything over and for such a helpful session yesterday. It helps to have a better understanding of how Gracie's mind is working on some of these issues.."
Lindsey Kelly, Ansty

"Thank you very much for today. Stan and I feel so much happier about going forward with Inky now, and in the right manner, having listened to your advice. Everything you said made sense, and I'm just really pleased that Rachel recommended you. .. Again, thank you ever so much. You were brilliant, and I'd recommend you tomorrow to anyone needing help with their dog, or child, frankly..!"
Justine Kingsbury, Marnhull

"Thank you very much for the classes, advice and recommendations given for Sky. Her behaviour has improved massively since the beginning of the program. Shes also a much calmer dog and a pleasure to be around :)"
Carla Sims, Blandford Forum

"I am so delighted I got in touch with you. I am now back to enjoying the dogs all of the time rather than getting wound up by them!"
Joanna Pearce, Rushall

"Hi Helen just to let you know that Alfie is doing just great and I feel he is probably 90% back to normal…We are all so much happier and I can t thank you enough for all your help I am sure we maybe would of had to find him a new home if things escalated any further."
Bev Pearce, Weymouth

"It has been some time since you called to see Fin. Just an up-date - we have a completely new dog following your visit!! He is still a bit wary of strangers but is accepting people into the house and also when we are out walking. He is also not as afraid of vehicles ... all in all he is great."
Paul Bradley, Shillingstone

"It was a pleasure to meet with you today and I am grateful (as will be Helga) for the wealth of information and the professional and friendly way it was presented. I don't normally enthuse, but I have to say the small changes in Helga's behaviour are dramatic."
Geoff Wright, Blandford Forum

"We have thrown away the cans and bean bags and strangely enough the atmosphere is so much calmer."
Elaine Ewing, Bournemouth

"Thank you for all the help you gave me with Mabel.. She is responding much better to most things ... what a relief!"
Caroline Fiennes, Bishops Caundle

"The advice and information you have given us makes perfect sense and have already started to improve things with Bess. Many thanks, you are a star."
Jon Huxley, Tarrant Launceston

"We wanted to say a big thank-you for the Puppy and Junior Classes. Merlin has benefitted tremendously from attending them; it's made him much more attentive and he thoroughly enjoys doing the various exercises. Out walking he's extremely obedient with the recall and "wait" when I ask for that when he's actually walking along - it's good to see. Also many thanks for all your help with any problems we had; it's good to know that there's someone out there in whom one has confidence. I always feel that if I throw a problem at you, you'll have a good answer!"
Vivien Grieve, Charleton Horethorne

"All in all I am absolutely delighted at the progress and the change in Buddy since we had our consultation so a big thank-you for your help and advice."
Pat Ellis, Sandford Orcas

"Just to say a big thankyou for the great lessons, we thoroughly enjoyed them."
Carol and John Fishenden, Sturminster Newton

"Thanks again for the very enlightening training session. The benefits of your approach are almost immediate!"
Tom Feeney, Dorchester

"Thank you very much for your incredibly helpful classes - thank you, and I'm sorry not to be able to say so in person. I think Tia is a really lovely gentle dog - obviously brilliantly trained - and a great credit to you."
Henrietta Young, Blandford

"Thank you so much for today I am so grateful to you and will keep up the good work!!"
Kirsty Andrews, Templecombe

"Just wanted to update and say that Jayla is making great progress. She has not barked when coming near other dogs for a while now and I have been very impressed with her progress. Thank you for you help."
Kirsty Young, Shroton

"Jake really is making fantastic progress with the noise phobia, it's hard work but very much worth it…He's much, much calmer with [son's name] now and quite often approaches him and sits at his feet. He's also shown quite an improvement with people leaving the house. Overall, we've seen some pretty substantial improvements in his behaviour and are very pleased."
Mark Kiernan, Blandford Forum

"Well ...... it is just like having a new puppy! Life has been completely different for us and Molly since last week - she is MUCH calmer, more attentive and no growling…So, thank you so much for putting us all back on track."
Claire Reid, Hilfield

"Thank you for giving me the confidence to allow Twix to make such good progress so quickly"
Suzanne Whittaker, Winterborne Zelston

"Just wanted to say a huge thank-you for your help with Loki- life has been alot easier since we got some know-how!! "
Melanie Snape, Blandford forum

"We have got to the point out on walks when if she is off the lead and sees another dog, she runs up wagging ...We cannot thank you enough for your help and advice..I was initially very sceptical ..but now, seeing how it can work with what was such a problem is quite amazing. 
Carol Fishenden, Sturminster Newton

"Session with you very good and worth every penny!, thanks Kay"
Kay Hillman, Poole

"Thank you so much for the time you spent with us earlier this month. It was a great morning and we both felt much more positive after! It has had a great effect..we are so much happier than we were, thank you so much"
Beth Lockett, Blandford forum

"Your input that day when you came over has been invaluable. Dylan has been responding to 'down', 'stay' and 'in your bed' really well. Jumping up also improving.Thank you so much for such extremely useful training classes and I'm sure we'll be in touch in the future when we need a helping hand.All the very best"
Pippa Haywood, Gillingham

"Just wanted to let you know that our new Bailey is a reformed character!! Thankyou so much for your help again, he is like a different dog… his whole behaviour has changed completely, we can not believe it in such a short time"
Sue Pollard, Marnhull

"…Tonight was a revelation for me! I cannot believe how well Lilia did around other dogs and it has given me a boost of confidence in my abilities …I cannot thank you enough for all your help and patience up to now and look forward to challenging myself some more!"
Di Joyce, Dorchester

"Thank you very much indeed for your comprehensive report. We have been working hard with Ollie ...we are already progressing well. I would like to thank you for your time and efforts with us ... we really appreciate your advice."
Jon Stanley, Shaftesbury

"He has become much more relaxed with other dogs and people. [The course was] very useful for me and my puppy."
Hilary Murrell, Yeovil

"Been meaning to mail you - sorry it's a bit late - but a great big thankyou from Scruff and me. Scruff is a different dog (still the same character though) - he's much easier to give up things … and on walks he is now off the lead across fields.. the way it should be... thank you thank you … your training has given us both the confidence we lacked ….. If I let him go off in front he now looks back at me quite often in case there is a new command or hangs by my side looking up at me … and is quite willing to accept other dogs as well as Sweetie….. wonderful!!"
Syd Guppy, Shaftesbury

"Hi thanks for the help with Ruby. All is going well - she is a different dog -the jumping [up] has all but stopped and she walks much better on the lead.Thanks again."
Lindsay and Nigel Baldaro, Crewkerne

"Just a quickie to thank you for the help with His Lordship. I found the classes very helpful and I think he is learning at last. I will carry on with the practice sheets and hopefully the next time you see us, he will be paw perfect, not pulling and off the lead! ....I would very much like to do the Advanced class."
Penny Smith, Sherborne

".. just wanted to say thanks for the report you sent and all your help, we wouldn't have believed it was possible to get Annie anywhere near a dog a few months ago"
Sue and Andy Pritchard, Yeovil

"The classes have been a HUGE benefit to both of them....Helen,many thanks for all your help and advice,hopefully we'll see you again..Couldn't be happier with how both dogs are now responding to your training."
Carol Guppy, Shaftesbury

"I thoroughly enjoyed last week, I learned loads and my confidence improved enormously, I think Saffy will benefit massively from what I've learned. She is already much more relaxed with Lloyd which, after six years, is an absolute miracle!!"
Jocelyn Brown, Wimborne

"Thanks. We've so enjoyed the classes, Helen. I cannot tell you how different you are to the other class we tried. We only went once."
Julia Reeves, Shaftesbury

"You were so fantastic we just don't want to get anyone else … however it was so difficult to find someone in the first place and since I have, I have had so many people say 'my god the change is amazing' and 'what have you done?!' " 
Pippa Farr, Wincanton

"I realise you're away on holiday now and apologise for not dropping you a line sooner but would like to thank you so much for all the work you did with Odie, he's a different dog...Thanks so very much once again for all your hard work, it really has made such a difference."
Janine Smith, Blandford

"Thank you for your help with Bert back in September. After the initial few weeks there has been a dramatic change in Bert in the house and around children. He is alot more chilled out".
Rachel Stanzel, Dorchester