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Start as you mean to go on with your new puppy!


Helen offers new puppy "start right" sessions to help owners of new puppies to establish good practices and routines, and to avoid behaviour problems later in life by ensuring the right start for their new pup - which is vital in the first few weeks.Training sessions to help owners with normal puppy behaviours can be arranged by a simple telephone call and appointment and do not require the involvement of your vet.




£40 per hour (either a flexible appointment, or a fixed hour) plus a callout charge for home visits (See Bookings and Downloads page for a list of callout charges). £34 per hour for Zoom sessions. 


New puppy home visits are routinely available in the following postcodes: DT9/10/11 (north of Blandford only), SP 7/8 and BA8 but Zoom sessions are available everywhere. 


All clients having puppy start-right visits will also be sent a copy of my Puppy Start-Right Guide.


Payment can be made via cash or cheque (made payable to Helen Taylor Dog Training and Behaviour).


If you are interested in puppy classes instead, or as well as a home visit, please see Classes page.