Helen Taylor, BSc, CCAB 


Professional Dog Behaviourist and Puppy Class Teacher



Call now on 07951 985193  or email us on enquiries@helentaylordorset.co.uk

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I am now back at work and able to take on new clients and may be starting puppy classes in the near future. 


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I (like many behaviourists) as well as personal circumstances, I am operating initially with Zoom consultations, with in person follow-up in your home or garden (if necessary and if you are in my catchment area). 


Please note that, as with all reputable behaviourists, professional standards and ethics mean that I am not permitted to give behavioural advice over the phone although I may be able to give temporary management/safety advice as an interim until I can see your dog.


Other local qualified behaviourists


Donna Skinsley 01202 920159 - classes, behaviourals (all breeds of dog, cats and horses), one to one training

Pat Tagg dogtaggs.info@gmail.com – behaviourals (mainly shepherd breeds) and tracking workshops

Denise Nuttall 01202 861340

Trudi Atkinson 07989 643835 (cats)


Or search the ABTC register of Clinical Animal Behaviourists:


and filter for a Clinical Animal Behaviourist (for behaviour)

Or  Animal Training Instructor (for training)


Please note that all qualified behaviourists – especially in this area - are likely to have quite long wait times – do not expect to be seen within a week or two! However, some may be able to prioritise urgent cases (eg those where significant aggression is being shown to a child or another animal that lives in the same house as the dog).


You are strongly advised NOT to see a trainer or behaviourist unless they are accredited by the  ABTC (the Government’s independent body that regulates training and behaviour organisations) as such individuals are likely to be completely unregulated, and may use dangerous, inhumane and outdated methods.


If you wish to contact me, please use the form below, or email me at help@helentaylordorset.co.uk.







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