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Professional Dog Behaviourist and Puppy Class Teacher



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On this page you will find downloads and forms that relate to


A. Booking a behavioural consultation

B. Booking a Puppy Start-right Visit

C. Enrolling onto a class


A. Booking a behavioural consultation - Download the following 4 items:


1.Consultation Guidelines

Consultation guidelines (as PDF)

This document explains the entire consultation process in detail and should be read before completing the questionnaire. 


2. Questionnaire

Questionnaire as Microsoft Word "Form"

(The preferred, and easiest version to use but suitable ONLY for use within Microsoft Word on a PC or Mac)

Questionnaire as Rich Text Format

(This version works with most applications including Open Office and can also be printed and completed by hand)

Please download, complete and return one questionnaire for each dog that I will be advising on.


3. Veterinary referral form

Referral form as PDF or as a Microsoft Word document

Please download and complete one referral form for each dog I will be advising on, and ensure it is signed by your vet, then return it with your questionnaire. Vets may often send the medical records direct to me, or may occasionally send to you to forward on to me. 


4. Callout Charge Chart

 Callout Charge chart as PDF (not necessary for Zoom-only consultations).



B. Puppy Start-right Visits


Download the following 2 items:

1. Information sheet as PDF

2. Callout charge sheet as PDF (not necessary for Zoom consultations)



C. Enrolling on a Class


Download the following 3 items:

1. Course information and Rules - available as a PDF

2. Application form - available as Word/Text Document,  Word "Form" or PDF

3. Booking slip for the course you wish to book onto: 

  • Puppy Class - Thursday 11th November at 1430 as a Word Document or PDF  SPACES
  • Beginners Course - Thursday 11th November at 1545 as a Word Document or PDF  SPACES


Carefully read Course information and rules, complete application form and booking slip for the class you wish to enroll on.


Please return completed forms:

  • By email to help@helentaylordorset.co.uk
  • By post to the address given on the paperwork


Confirmation of receipt of paperwork will always be provided. If you have not had any confirmation one week after dispatch, please Contact Us















Referral forms
This form needs to be signed by both the owner and their vet before the consultation can take place. Alternatively, the referring vet can refer by sending medical records to enquiries@helentaylordorset.co.uk.
Download referral form as PDF 
Download referral form as Word Form version (only for completion within Microsoft Word)
Download referral form as Word document
Consultation guidelines and callout charges information
This document contains important information on the consultation process (based on a home visit - if you are having a clinic appointment you will be sent a different version of this document).
Download Consultation Guidelines as PDF
Download callout charges for home visits (by postcode) as PDF
This needs to be completed and returned to me before the appointment can be made.
NB PLEASE CHOOSE "SAVE", "DOWNLOAD" OR "SAVE AS" (NOT "OPEN") WHEN CLICKING THESE LINKS. Before you start to complete the form, check that the entire document has downloaded - the last question should read "What is the single most important thing that you would like to change about your dog's behaviour?"

Download as Microsoft Word 'Form' version (only for completion within Microsoft Word). This is the preferred option as it is easy to complete and easy to read. Can be returned by email (preferred) or printed and returned by post. 
Download as simple Rich Text File (This has no complex formatting and therefore is suitable for most word processing programmes, use on tablets etc). Can be returned by email (preferred) or printed out, filled in by hand and returned by post (or scanned and returned by email).